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Legacy Publishing Group really began twenty fives years ago, when our father, Dave Dunn started his own business called Dunn & Company Inc. in a tight little office space, (kindly shared with our washer dryer). The three of us were 12, 8 and 5 years old at the time, and one Saturday, we all worked together to collate his sample books. At the end of the day, we were paid $2.00 each to spend at the local McDonald's. We knew even back then, that we liked working together.

Over the years, Dad's book manufacturing business grew and grew. Then one year, he came up with the crazy idea to glue pretty pictures onto old book covers to re-sell in the marketplace. Amazed by his instant success in this new venture, he recognized that this could be a whole new opportunity - even a whole new company! But he knew he needed a good designer's eye, and a capable staff to create this new company. Luckily he didn't have to look far. Happily, Legacy Publishing Group was born, a family run business that has grown into a successful gift company with over 100 designs, over 25 products and selling all over the United States and around the world! Dunn & Company still manufactures many of Legacy's Products, and Mary Pat's husband, Peter works with Dad every day, keeping production on track. Cathy's husband, Carlos is our CEO and handles much of the business end of things.Tim, Pam's husband, is our National Sales Manager and General Counsel (that's fancy-speak for lawyer!)

We now have a very large customer base, with rep groups helping to reach many different markets, but we are still the same family business we've always been. We continue to keep our minimums low, and our commitment to customer service high. Since we manufacture our own products, we can keep a tight hand on quality control. And our Yankee thriftiness keeps us ever conscious of making our products affordable as well as beautiful. We also like to keep in touch with our customers and give our company the personal touch, both in our customer service department and through our newsletter, The Pickwick Papers, featuring lots of fun stories about our families and our company.

Welcome to the family!

Mary Pat, Pamela & Cathleen